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New Life Products 9-1150 Bi-Fold Door Jamb Bracket and bottom pivot Pin Kit


  • Used to repair one set of hinged bi-folding doors.
  • Steel jamb Bracket
  • Adjustable both vertically and horizontally
  • Fits 7/16 In. Diameter mounting hole
  • KIt Includes one bottom pivot, one bottom steel brackets and fasteners.
  • This stamped steel constructed bracket easily mounts to your floor or door jamb. The bracket is adjustable and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Includes a nylon bottom pivot with a 7/16 in. diameter base.
  •  Designed to make hanging your bi-fold doors easy and it functions as a hinge.  It's very easy to install, remove, and reinstall your door. Size: 
  • These components are used by many bi-folding closet door manufacturers. *Tip: In a typical bi-folding closet opening, a pair of bi-folding doors is hung on the left side of the opening and a second pair of bi-folding doors is hung on the right side of the opening (a total of 4 narrow doors hung in left and right pairs). The contents of this kit provides for the repair of only one of those pairs, or for 2 of the 4 doors that are hung in a single opening.
  • Colours may vary.