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New Life 9-1143 Bi-Fold Door / Closet Door Repair Kit, For 7/8 in. Wide Track, Used with 7/16 in. Outside Diameter Pivots & Guides


  • Used to repair two set of hinged bi-folding doors.
  • For use with 7/16 in. outside diameter pivots and guides in a 7/8 in. wide bi-fold door track
  • KIt Includes two top pivot with wheel, two bottom pivot, two pair of bracket and door aligner, one top slider and fasteners.
  • The hardware 36-inch residential bi fold set is designed for two- or four-door sets, 1-inch to 1-3/8-inch thick panels and door panels weighing up to 30 pounds
  • This bi-fold door top mount pivot pin is designed to make hanging your bi-fold doors easy and it functions as a hinge. It is constructed by nylon plastic body, with a spring loaded metal pin to make hanging your bi-fold doors easy. It's very easy to install, remove, and reinstall your door. Size: Pivot Pin: 1/4 inch diameter, Nylon Base: 7/16 inch diameter
  • This bi-fold door repair kit includes replacement parts to repair one 2-panel set of hinged bi-folding doors. The plastic bases of the pivots and guide measure 7/16 inches in outside diameter, and the guide features a 7/8 in. outside diameter plastic wheel. A steel bottom pivot bracket and door aligner are also included, top slider  has a plastic body with a steel spring  goes on the top track., and the fasteners for all components are included with each package. Hinges are not included with this kit. These components are used by many bi-folding closet door manufacturers. *Tip: In a typical bi-folding closet opening, a pair of bi-folding doors is hung on the left side of the opening and a second pair of bi-folding doors is hung on the right side of the opening (a total of 4 narrow doors hung in left and right pairs). The contents of this kit provides for the repair of only Two of those pairs, or for 2 of the 4 doors that are hung in a single opening.
  • Colours may vary.