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Large surface element used on many Moffat, GE and other Camco brands. Large element is 2400 watts and has the unique thumbnail style ends for inserting into the receptacle.

Replaces: 36176-20, 36176A22, 36908-24, 36910-20, 36910-22, 38-148, 38-148-B, 38-150, 38-150-B, 38-151, 5P8424CT, P1T21F, P1T23F@, P1TU21F, PS218M, PS21M-B, PS21M-BK, RM36176-20, RM36176A20, RM36176A22, RM36176A26, RM36908A24, RM36908A26, RM36910A20, RM36910A22, RM37380-20, RS824MA, RSU8-21M, RSU8-24M, UXY315, UXY315-3, UXY317, UXY321, UXY322, UXY323, UXY324, UXY327, UXY328, UXY329, UXY907, UXY908, UXY910, UXY912, UXY917, UXY922, UXY923, UXY924, UXY927, UXY928, WB30M133, WB30M135, WB30M146, WB30M147, WB30M157, WB30M163, WB30M167, WB30M168, WB30M173, WB30M178, WB30M191, WB30M195, WB30M197, WB30M203, WB30M209, XCL8S