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PS240M StoveSurface Element



Large surface element used on many Moffat, GE and other Camco brands. Large element is 2400 watts and has the unique thumbnail style ends for inserting into the receptacle.

Replaces: 36176-20, 36176A22, 36908-24, 36910-20, 36910-22, 38-148, 38-148-B, 38-150, 38-150-B, 38-151, 5P8424CT, P1T21F, P1T23F@, P1TU21F, PS218M, PS21M-B, PS21M-BK, RM36176-20, RM36176A20, RM36176A22, RM36176A26, RM36908A24, RM36908A26, RM36910A20, RM36910A22, RM37380-20, RS824MA, RSU8-21M, RSU8-24M, UXY315, UXY315-3, UXY317, UXY321, UXY322, UXY323, UXY324, UXY327, UXY328, UXY329, UXY907, UXY908, UXY910, UXY912, UXY917, UXY922, UXY923, UXY924, UXY927, UXY928, WB30M133, WB30M135, WB30M146, WB30M147, WB30M157, WB30M163, WB30M167, WB30M168, WB30M173, WB30M178, WB30M191, WB30M195, WB30M197, WB30M203, WB30M209, XCL8S