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WB23M99 Switch, Top Burner



Switch, Top Burner - Large Element

Push-to-turn surface element switch. Used for large burners, this switch is rated up to 2600 watts. A green dot on the body or knob shaft help identify this very popular GE stove part.

Replaces: 320C451P04, 320C451P105, 812402, KS812402, WB23M82, WB24M121,   320C227P04, 320C451P04, 320C451P05, 320C-451-P05, 320C451P07, 340C451P05, 500133, 66004-51AF, 66004-AF51, 6604-AF51, 812402, 812407, AH3492690, AH3499633, AH9862224, B01N6791HA, EA3492690, EA9862224, EAP3492690, EAP3499633, EAP9862224, KS812402, KS-812402-1, KS812647, PS3492690, PS3499633, PS9862224, WB23M0070, WB23M7, WB23M70, WB23M99